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Artyom Leydiker has been interested in technology for as long as he can remember. Now more than ever, technology has become a domineering force — both in our individual everyday lives and in global shifts toward change and progress in business, entertainment, education, and much more. Artyom created this blog to share some of the news and trends in technology that inspire him, including but not limited to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the rise of blockchain. Check out his blog page for all content, or get started with a few posts below!

Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars

The advent of driverless vehicles holds many possibilities. Not unlike traveling by bus, plane or train, commuters may soon have the ability to busy themselves with reading, communicating with others or engaging in some other activity other than driving. Autonomous vehicles function using a combination of radar, sensors, and software to control a car or truck.

Levels of Autonomy

Self-driving vehicles are rated on a zero to five scale that explains different levels of autonomous functions.

  • Zero-Fully controlled by humans
  • 1-Vehicles having automatic braking systems, cruise control or parking assist
  • 2-The vehicle is capable of having two autonomous features operating simultaneously.
  • 3- Vehicles control safety features automatically but require human intervention
  • 4-The vehicle capably functions independently in certain situations.
  • 5-A vehicle functions independently under all circumstances

Varying degrees of autonomous function have been incorporated into vehicles manufactured by Google, Nissan, Tesla, and Uber. The self-driving vehicles features an internal map and radar sensors. Google’s prototypes have been equipped with cameras, lasers, radar, and sonar technologies that enable the vehicles to function independently. Some of Uber’s prototypes features 64 lasers in addition to various other sensors.

Onboard software programs receive the data gathered by the cameras and sensors to transmit instructions to the components of the vehicle that control acceleration, braking or steering. The software also features algorithms that instruct the vehicle to avoid obstacles and obey traffic regulations.

Potential Problems

However, the software is not fully capable of correctly analyzing and acting in certain situations. A self-driving vehicle created by Google became involved in a collision. The autonomous vehicle stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, the vehicle proceeded through the intersection. However, a distracted driver ran the stoplight and hit the robotic car. Thus far, self-driving vehicles are not equipped to handle situations involving human error.

Self-driving vehicles are also susceptible to hacking. More than one million Jeep Cherokees were subject to recall when it was determined that the autonomous technology was accessible by hackers. Security specialists determined that hackers could easily access the wireless technology that controlled acceleration, infotainment systems, and windshield wiper function.

Alterations or stickers added to road signs also confuse autonomous technology. In worst case scenarios, the self-driving vehicles may then ignore stop signs or other warnings that require specific actions on the part of vehicle drivers.

Smart Home Technologies

Smart Home Technologies

Installing smart gadgets into a home make the environment more convenient and safer. Some devices are created to enhance the home front or to save money. There are numerous smart home devices on the market today.

NetGear Arlo Q

Home security systems have grown in popularity in recent years. The NetGear Arlo Q offers a simple system that monitors activity inside or outside of a residence. The cameras available with the system create highly detailed video captures and accompanying audio. Thanks to infrared technology, the images captured by the device are also amazingly clear regardless of available light. The system is easily customized to record up to seven days of video at the scheduled times of day or night.

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

BBQ enthusiasts must either continually monitor the grill or check on the cooking process periodically to determine when foods need turned or are done. The digital smoker takes the guesswork out of barbecuing. The grill automatically heats electrically and alerts you via mobile device when the grill is ready and when food items reach acceptable internal temperatures. The grill features a full 725-square inches of cooking space and four chrome racks for small backyard feasting or larger party occasions.

Perfect Bake Pro

Often times, individuals choose to concoct a baked treat or a special dish only to find that they lack vital ingredients. However, the Perfect Bake Pro creates recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand. The autoscale simply adjusts the recipe accordingly. By placing a mixing bowl on the scale, the device automatically measures each ingredient when added. In this way, bakers and cooks have no need to use measuring spoons or cups to precisely calculate ingredients.

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

By installing the Phillips devices, individuals have the chance to control lights via a smartphone or other mobile device. Simply install the light bulbs and download the mobile app. Additional accessories make daily living even more convenient through the use of a dimmer switch, motion sensors or tap controls.

Belkin WeMo Switch

The WeMo switches by Belkin provide remote control of any electrical appliance throughout the home. Simply insert the automated outlets into existing outlets. Any appliance plugged into the switch is then easily controlled via a mobile device or a smartphone.