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Artificial intelligence is affecting all aspects of the workforce. Healthcare is one area that the advancements in AI will have a significant impact on. Some routine procedures in healthcare are already completed using AI technologies. This article will talk about some processes and procedures that may be run on AI technology and what AI holds for the future of healthcare.


Medical Records


Identifying medical records for patients is a starting point for what Artificial Intelligence can do in the healthcare sector. The ability to store and summon medical records is an extremely useful tool that will save time, money, and provide doctors with a better analysis of how to approach treating a patient. Companies such as Google have already begun using this kind of technology to help doctors and patients in a few hospitals. The technology Google is using is still in its trial stage, and they continue to rework it for better results. They predict that their Deepmind health project will be able to recommend treatment plans to doctors and patients in the future.




AI is helping medical professionals diagnose conditions easier and quicker than before. AI, equipped with patient medical history knowledge, is now able to diagnose a problem based off of that knowledge. IBM is another company that is a leader in innovative AI technologies for the healthcare industry. The company has designed AI that can quickly scan images for disease stricken parts of the body and formulate a diagnosis from them. AI can accurately read CT scans, X-rays and other images without human intervention.


Online Consultations


Ai can fix the problem of waiting for an appointment with your doctor. There are apps designed to ask you questions to gather information about a medical condition you may have. If you are not feeling well, you can message the app, and it will ask you a few questions about your symptoms. From there, the app can recommend a course of action for your symptoms. These apps can also serve as reminders for patients to take their medication and follow up on past inquiries to see how they are feeling. Apps like Babylon can reduce wait times and time used to diagnose patients by seeing a doctor face-to-face.


Drug Creation


The analysis that AI offers for the vast amount of information it has stored can provide alternatives to new creations of drugs to treat existing diseases. This process of creating new drugs helps save time using other methods of research for medical professionals.