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The Best Smart Watches in 2019

The tech behind wearables is more sophisticated and affordable than ever before, and manufacturers have mined those early mistakes to learn what works and what doesn’t. Today the smartwatch industry is booming

Handy Business Tech Devices

You may think of increasing productivity as finding ways to do more in a shorter amount of time. While that is certainly one aspect of productivity, it can also be a matter of doing less while still accomplishing the same outcomes. Increasing productivity is also a matter of finding ways to pack productive tasks into otherwise “dead” time, such as commuting.

The Advantages of Augmented Reality In The Workplace

A technological concept called augmented reality can elicit a significant impact on the workplace. This brief blog will discuss what this concept is, as well as investigate specific reasons how said invention exerts a positive influence over the working world.

Keeping Your Technology Safe

Technology is now part and parcel of our day-to-day lives. Daily, we use tens of tech-tools to facilitate efficient and comfortable living. The application of these technologies, however, comes with some new added challenges, the primary of which is the rising rates of cyber security.

Driverless Cars

The advent of driverless vehicles holds many possibilities. Not unlike traveling by bus, plane or train, commuters may soon have the ability to busy themselves with reading, communicating with others or engaging in some other activity other than driving. Autonomous vehicles function using a combination of radar, sensors, and software to control a car or truck.

Smart Home Technologies

Installing smart gadgets into a home make the environment more convenient and safer. Some devices are created to enhance the home front or to save money. There are numerous smart home devices on the market today.

Understanding Fintech’s Impact on Finance

Every year, new terms are added to a number of dictionaries, from urban to traditional. Over 800 words were added to Merriam-Webster in 2018. Many of these words were created by combining two words together such as “glamping” (glamorous + camping) or shortening them,...

Technology Trends of 2019

Technology is quickly changing each year. It’s important for a person to stay abreast of these changes as it will affect both their personal life and their business life. Here are five emerging technologies that are on the radar for 2019.

The New Space Race

Almost fifty years after the United States won the first space race by landing on the moon, a new space race has begun in earnest. Over the last few years, the United States has launched a new space race by encouraging the private sector to design and innovate the next generation of rockets and space-faring technology.

Wearable Tech is The Future. Here Is Why

Wearable technology is going through a bit of a boom right now. From health monitors to smart watches, it seems like almost everyone has access to it in one form or another. Unlike many new technologies, many experts agree that wearable tech is here to stay.