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There are raving debates that go on in between scientists, politicians, and the public about what the future of energy is or what it should be. People all have different ideas about how energy should be collected, stored, and used. Whatever the stance is on energy, there is no denying that there have been massive shifts in how countries are collecting their energy. This article will focus on some of those changes in collecting energy that are renewable energy sources. 

Wind Power

In recent news there has been a lot of talk of many places putting up enormous wind turbines to collect energy from the wind. Wind power is a renewable energy resource and today is used to power some businesses in different parts of the world. Although this type of renewable energy resource is not the best alternative to traditional fossil fuels, the technology for the turbines are constantly developing. The wind turbines are being developed and tweaked to better serve the purpose of capturing the wind for energy and countries could see more and more wind farms popping up sooner rather than later. 

Solar Energy

At first, solar energy was not a popular option among businesses or individuals in residential areas. The cost of installing solar panels was very high a few years ago but prices have dropped significantly since then, making it a more feasible option for all people. This no pollution alternative to fossil fuels could dramatically decrease your own carbon footprint and eventually will pay for itself from the savings you will earn from the panels. In recent years, solar energy has become one of the most popular methods of renewable energy and similarly to wind power, the technology is becoming more efficient as time goes on. 


Similar to wind power, hydroelectricity is gathering energy through a turbine that is under water. A hydroelectric turbine gathers energy from moving water. Installing a turbine for this purpose could change the landscape of the surrounding area. The turbines can be massive, leading the water levels nearby to fluctuate in turn. There is one massive turbine in the Hoover Dam and plans to utilize this technology are being made even today as a good alternative energy resource.