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Ever since the breach of Apple’s Cloud people have been skeptical about putting too much faith in a system that was so easily hacked. The situation with the Apple iCloud was not actually a hack, it should be more accurately described as a well-guessed password attempt for accounts. Since the breach, Apple has created the two-step verification system where people who want to access their information through the iCloud have to go through a two-step verification process to ensure maximum security. Even so, people still doubt the security of the cloud today. Here we will talk about how the Cloud keeps data secure and some advice about what Cloud provider you should select if you choose to use the service. 

What Keeps The Information In The Cloud Secure?

Encryption algorithms is what keeps information in any cloud service secure. Decrypting requires a lot of time and effort from both the hacker and the computer that they are using. It is safer to keep your information in the Cloud rather then just stored on your personal computer. Personal computers are easier to get into therefore are more prone to hacking then a cloud service. That being said, hackers usually do not attempt to hack individuals. They are more likely to attempt to hack a larger service like a Cloud rather than your own personal computer. 

Keeping Your Cloud Data Secure

If you do opt to use a Cloud service it is very important that you do some research before settling in on a particular provider. Once you have that settled, it is also very important to change your passwords every three to six months. A common way hackers are able to access private information is having the same password for all of your profiles and accounts. Keep your passwords secure by writing them down with a pen and paper and perhaps keeping your information in your wallet or purse for safekeeping. 

Cloud Provider

Dropbox is a great cloud service provider that is user-friendly and easy to use. Along with many other cloud service providers, Dropbox keeps your files secure while they are in transit. When you are sending a file from one person to another, Dropbox encrypts it so it is secure during the time it is getting to its destination.