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Apple’s first foray into the smartwatch market with the Apple Watch was largely seen at the time as a stumble. Today we can see it more accurately for what it was: a proof of concept. The tech behind wearables is more sophisticated and affordable than ever before, and manufacturers have mined those early mistakes to learn what works and what doesn’t. Today the smartwatch industry is booming. Here are some of the best wearables in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy

If there’s a single true competitor to Apple in the smartwatch market, it’s Galaxy. They’ve recently spread their wings and detached from Google’s Wear OS in favor of their own operating system, and it bears a refreshingly strong and intuitive interface. The Galaxy is their flagship: a powerful gadget that includes a dedicated app store, a unique rotating bezel navigation system, and a wealth of fitness options.

Fossil Sport

One indication of the rise of smartwatches is the fact that traditional luxury manufacturers are throwing their hats into the ring. Fossil is one of the most prominent, and their Sport is a respectable addition. It may not come to the table with any startling revelations, but it’s a powerful piece of tech that looks good on the wrist and comes packed with all the now standard features of the modern wearable.

Apple Watch 4

Apple’s early forays into the smartwatch market didn’t exactly take the world by storm, but today they’re the name to be beat in the top tier. Their fourth generation watch may be expensive, but it’s also the standard by which all other smartwatches are judged. The slick minimalistic design is copied by countless imitators, and the breadth and depth of its App Store is absolutely unmatched. They’re also leading the pack with innovative features like the first heart rate monitor to be certified by the FDA.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit’s found its niche and stuck with it, and the results are truly phenomenal. They’re the leading designer around as far as fitness-oriented smartwatches are concerned. The Versa is their entry level model, and despite its low price tag, it comes equipped with practically every health-related feature you could want and an array of exercise tracking modes.