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Wearable technology is going through a bit of a boom right now. From health monitors to smart watches, it seems like almost everyone has access to it in one form or another. Unlike many new technologies, many experts agree that wearable tech is here to stay. Most new gadgets are here today and gone tomorrow but the potential for this specific class of wearable items is easily in a league of its own. That is why the following list of reasons why wearable technology is here to stay has been compiled. The new revelations, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Constant Technology Improvements
  • Constant Health Monitoring
  • Falling Costs

Constant Technology Improvements

As the technology within wearable devices improves, it will get not only more accurate, but also smaller. Although a modern day health monitor that fits snug around a wrist may not seem to be large, it is far larger than what scientists believe will be possible in the future. It is expected that wearable devices as they are now known may someday be intertwined within our clothing so that it is constantly monitoring every aspect about the individual. This will come in time as the physical technology shrinks and more capacity can be placed in smaller elements of design.

Constant Health Monitoring

All too often, the reason that individuals don’t get the help they need in time is not because the help is not available, but because the disease or condition was not caught early enough to treat. Luckily, wearable devices of the future will be able to relay your current health statistics to a database real time that can send you an alert if anything begins to move into dangerous territory. This will undoubtedly save thousands of lives every year thanks to the higher survival rate of those who detect a disease or condition early.

Falling Costs

As with any new technology, the initial costs when it hits the market are quite high. Luckily, the costs of wearable devices have been falling quite rapidly and as more people adopt this tech, production can expand and the price will be able to fall even more. All great technologies that have stood the test of time ultimately had to greatly reduce their prices over time so that the maximum number of consumers could utilize it.